Adequate nutrition is fundamental to health and in the treatment of many diseases; it guarantees an improvement in nutritional status, well-being and quality of life.

The Clinical Nutrition Centre offers patients effective answers through customised nutritional paths agreed with specialists based on the clinical picture, laboratory and instrumental tests, history and lifestyle/dietary habits.

The Centre employs qualified professionals specialised in every nutritional field and state-of-the-art instruments for the assessment of body composition and individual energy needs (BIA, metabolic Holter, indirect calorimetry).

  • Areas of intervention
  • Obesity and body weight management
  • Metabolic pathologies
  • Wellness, relationship with food and the body
  • Women’s area
  • Nutrition and Sport

Obesity is a complex condition, characterized by an accumulation of adipose tissue, often to such an extent that it compromises an individual’s psycho-physical health and worsens his or her quality of life. The causes are multiple and heterogeneous; they may relate to the person’s life and dietary history, psychological aspect, genetic factors, metabolic aspects, stress level, lifestyle and eating habits.

Body weight management’ refers to a pathway aimed at achieving a healthy and appropriate lifestyle and diet, and a balanced relationship with one’s body and food.

The pathway can make use of various strategies useful for achieving the desired goals agreed upon with the person (and possible referral and collaboration with professionals specialised in bariatric surgery and the placement of reversible mechanical devices for weight loss, e.g. the Allurion gastric balloon pathway).

  • nutritional counselling
  • psychological counselling
  • specific diet protocols
  • anti-obesity drugs

Metabolic pathologies

Nutrition plays an important role in the body’s well-being, especially in certain clinical conditions for which an adequate and balanced diet is part of the therapeutic treatment.

The Centre provides medical-nutritional counselling for metabolic diseases and/or clinical conditions such as:

  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Renal Failure
  • Coeliac disease and malabsorption
  • Food intolerances and allergies
  • Dyslipidemias (hypercholesterolaemia, hypertriglyceridaemia,…)
  • Arterial hypertension
  • Hyperuricaemia
  • Oncological pathologies
  • Overweight and obesity related to metabolic diseases

Well-being, relationship with food and the body

The culture of dieting, the ideal of thinness, the vast amount of information about food and its specific nutritional properties have increasingly distanced us from a healthy relationship with food, with the body and from listening to the signals it sends us, which are fundamental, instead, for developing our ability to self-regulate with food while respecting the body.

The Centre provides courses in:

  • Nutrition education
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Mindful Eating

Women’s Area

Women at different stages of life, from adolescence to pregnancy to menopause, are subject to physiological changes or the onset of special clinical conditions for which nutritional needs may change or require support.

Our Centre provides medical-nutritional counselling for special conditions such as:

  • Growth, menstrual cycle
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • PCOS
  • Medically Assisted Procreation (PMA)
  • Menopause

Nutrition and Sport

Physical activity is part of an individual’s appropriate and healthy lifestyle to promote their development and maintain good health, both in the short and long term.

An adequate, varied and balanced diet is of fundamental importance to meet the special energy and nutritional needs of amateur and elite athletes.

Our Centre provides medical-nutritional advice in relation to the sporting activity performed, in synergy with the professionals at San Rossore Sport Village.

Treatment at our Centre involves a two-stage pathway: an initial assessment and evaluation phase and a subsequent therapy phase.

Diagnostic /Assessment pathway:

Consists of an initial medical examination by the Centre manager, during which the patient’s clinical history, request and expectations are collected in order to assess/agree together on the objectives and the most appropriate course to be taken.

Subsequently, 1-2 nutritional visits are agreed upon, with one of the Centre’s specialised dieticians/nutritionists, in order to complete the nutritional picture and structure a customised medical-nutritional pathway specific to the patient’s needs and requirements.

Depending on the clinical condition, laboratory (e.g. haematochemical examinations, hormone dosages, etc.) and instrumental investigations (e.g. Indirect Calorimetry, BIA, Metabolic Holter, MOC, Abdominal Echo, sleep-wake rhythm assessment) will be indicated.

At the end of the assessment phase, the treatment plan will be shared, and the objectives and timing of the treatment course will be defined together with the patient.

Treatment pathway:

Defined on the basis of the diagnosis made during the assessment/assessment phase, it is customised and focused on the specific needs and clinical problems of each individual. The path is proposed and agreed upon with the person, evaluating the most useful therapeutic strategies, including the use of drugs and/or supplements.

The Centre avails itself of the collaboration of specialists at the Treatment Centre according to the person’s needs (e.g. specialists in gynaecology, cardiology, physiotherapy, etc.).

The treatment pathway also provides for periodic re-evaluations and possible modifications of the project over time.

Bioimpedance analysis

A non-invasive examination performed with the BIA AKERN 101 instrument to assess body composition (hydro-electrolyte and nutritional balance). It enables the assessment of specific indices (e.g. lean mass, fat mass, active cell mass and water compartments) and can be used in various physiological and pathological clinical conditions, such as in states of malnutrition, weight loss, pregnancy and in the elderly. It is a Gold Standard examination for Sports Nutrition and Environment, Rehabilitation, and Sports Medicine. An analysis with BIA also allows, if repeated over time, a monitoring of the course of therapy and/or physical/sports training.


Indirect calorimetry

A non-invasive examination carried out with the FITMATE COSMED instrument, which makes it possible to measure real/current energy expenditure at rest by measuring oxygen consumption. This type of examination estimates, with greater precision than theoretical formulas, the basal metabolism, i.e. the energy required for vital functions at rest; a correct evaluation of this parameter thus allows the definition of personalised and targeted plans for weight management and other nutritional objectives.



It is a non-invasive examination performed with the DORMI partners SLEEPACTA instrument for sleep and lifestyle assessment.

“DORMI is a wearable device (watch bracelet) that monitors sleep disorders (sleep holter), non-invasive and extremely accurate. It is a technologically advanced instrument that, through the accurate monitoring of the sleep-wake cycle and certain parameters (e.g. heart rate, movement), allows an accurate diagnosis of the quantity and quality of sleep. The analysis of the recorded data is aimed at providing a representation of sleep patterns and allows an estimation of the risk of developing possible pathologies.

Scientific evidence has demonstrated the correlation between poor quality and quantity of sleep and weight gain; therefore, with synergetic work between different specialised professionals, it is possible to monitor the state of health and improve it through a highly customised pathway.

Referring Specialists Medical Area

Dr. Giovanni Gravina (Head of the Centre) – Specialist in Endocrinology and specially trained and experienced in the treatment of DAN.

Dr. Grazia Nebbiai (Medical doctor specialising in Endocrinology)

Dr. Cristina Ferrauto (Doctor)

Dr. Dalila Fiorino (Doctor)


Nutrition area reference specialists

Dr. Carla Piccione (Dietician in charge)

Dr. Camilla Casagrande (Dietician)

Dr. Martina Francesconi (Biologist Nutritionist)

Dr. Francesca Cipolli (Biologist Nutritionist)

Dr. Alessia Benedetti (Dietitian)

Dr. Guido Guidotti (Dietitian)

Dr. Ilaria De Gioia (Biologist Nutritionist)


Psychological area reference specialists

Dr. Ilaria Genovesi (Psychologist, Psychotherapist in charge)

Dr Lucia Ricci (Psychologist, Psychotherapist)

Dr. Ramona Biasci (Psychologist, Psychotherapist)

Dr. Irene Mazzei (Psychologist, Psychotherapist)

Dr. Sara Pucci (Psychologist, Psychotherapist)


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