At the Casa di Cura San Rossore it is possible to perform diagnostic tests and therapeutic treatments, even without the need for hospitalization.

Our center employs qualified doctors and state-of-the-art machinery: medical personnel are selected based on parameters such as skills, qualifications and experience in the field.

The center’s wide opening hours meet the needs of all patients; in addition, thanks to the special platform, reports can be viewed quickly and easily at any time.

Rx joint districts
Rx esophagus-stomach-duodenum with MDC
Rx clisma opaque with MDC
Rx defecography with MDC
Rx urethrocystography/ cystoscopy with MDC
Rx abdomen
Chest Rx

Rm peripheral joint districts with and without MDC
Skull Rm with and without MDC
Rm neck with and without MDC
Rm abdomen with and without MDC
Cardiac MRI with and without MDC
Rm spine
Multiparametric prostatic Rm
Massive facial MRI with and without contrast medium
Rm colangium

Tc peripheral joint districts
Tc spine
Tc abdomen with and without MDC
Chest CT with and without MDC
Skull Tc with and without MDC
Total body Tc with and without MDC
Coronary Tc with and without MDC
Tc dentalscan dental arches
Virtual colonoscopy tc

Dr. Alessandro Paolicchi – Radiology service manager, specialist in diagnostic imaging

Dr. Alessandro Lunardi – Interventional radiology

Dr. Mario Sabato – Radiodiagnostics

Dr. Anna Cilotti – Breast Radiodiagnostics

Dr. Carolina Marini – Breast Radiodiagnostics

Dr. Barbara Ginanni – Breast Radiodiagnostics

Dr. Massimo Lombardi – Radiologist Cardiologist

Dr. Salvatore Mazzeo – Radiologist Endocrinologist

Dr. Cristina Bisogni – Radiodiagnostics



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